About the Book Aboriginal people in Australia foraged and gathered many native plants for food, tools and medicines. Some of the more famous native Australian plants include the Finger Lime and the Macadamia nut, but there are still many plants unknown to everyone expect the Aboriginal traditional owners and custodians. In this book, Kado Muir, as a local knowledge holder and custodian of Ngalia knowledge shares some of his knowledge of his ten most favourite Bush Foods. Once a hunter, Kado has transitioned to being a vegetarian and so knowledge of native plants has become more important to him now than ever before.

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Kado Muir is Tjarurru skin, Ngalia man from the desert and goldfields region of Western Australia.

He grew living in the bush with his parents on traditional territories, where his mother and grandparents lived as Putjiman, learning and understanding the ways of his nyalpa pini (Old People) and the central role of country and spirit.

Kado ended up at university and graduated as an anthropologist and archaeologist. As one of the few remaining speakers of Ngalia language he has also gained skills in linguistics to document record and promote his language. Over the past 30 years Kado has devoted his skills and experience in service to his Elders as a support for cultural, environmental and land activism.

Today with cultural and leadership responsibilities Kado is working to secure and support the future generations of his community through cultural leadership. He is particularly keen to secure inherent wealth of Aboriginal peoples to address economic disadvantage and marginalisation.

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