Our Sandalwood Story

We are an Aboriginal family owned business
We only harvest dead sandalwood trees in the wild
We plant seeds to promote new growth and sustain the species
We are a founding partner in Dutjahn Custodians
We donate to Aboriginal language revival projects

  • Leonora WA, Australia
  • PO Box 13, Leonora, WA 6438

Where does Dead Sandalwood Oil come from?

Check It Out Today!

A short video showing a dead sandalwood tree in the wild.

Coffee with Samso Episode 60 with Kado Muir, Founder of Marnta Sandalwood. 

It takes a soulful journey to understand how to share and create a business that is using the land in a sustainable manner. When you hear Kado Muir speak about the philosophy of is life and the history of his family, you get the sense of calmness and being in high state of satisfaction.

I have know Kado since 1988 when we met on the basketball court at the University of Western Australia. I always felt that he had a higher purpose. Cut to now in 2021, you get a sense that there is a lot of wisdom in those grey hairs. Over the time I have seen Kado being apart of many topics. In this episode of Coffee with Samso, it was great to hear that journey and how those experience have created Marnta Sandalwood.