Deadwood Sandalwood Oil


Pure WA Sandalwood Deadwood Essential Oil – Santalum spicatum Sandalwood grown in the desert regions of Western Australia has been used by the Aboriginal peoples for thousands of years. Although the oil was not steam distilled like it is today, the benefits of this unique tree were used to provide therapeutic comfort from its anti microbial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The uses were in poultices, masks to insect repellents by pounding the sticks and leaves into a powder and applying to the skin, or burning creating a light smoke which not only repelled insects but provided a beautiful aroma which is special to the Sandalwood species.

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Today, Sandalwood Deadwood Essential Oil is very popular in aromatherapy. The oil has a grounding effect on the body when used in body and skin care products. This oil can be blended with almost any other essential oil for diffusing in either a steam or dry diffuser and suitable for the whole family from its calming effects, aiding sleep and a wonderful additive in meditation.

Wild stands of trees have been harvested for over 150 years but as its name implies, the fallen and dead trees, branches, leaves, butts and trunks of Sandalwood is used to produce this special oil.

It can only be described as the best of sustainable production by using the deadwood of Sandalwood and turning it into fine oil, products and Aroma: Smokey, earthy and well rounded whisky undertones

Colour: light yellow

Production: Steam Distilled

Major Chemical Constituents: a-santalol, b-santalol, nuciferol, lanceol, farnesol, bisabolol

Uses: Aromatherapy, medicinal, a fixative in perfumes, insect repellents, diffusing

Very popular in the fine fragrance market as a fixative in perfumes.

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