Face & Body Splash


Our Sandalwood Face & Body Splash is a hydrosol which comes directly from the steam distillation of sandalwood oil. This beautiful product is essentially filtered distilled water with sandalwood oil suspended in the water after distillation.

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The use of hydrosols is not widely known but can be extremely beneficial for lots of applications.

A wonderful cooling agent in the hot weather when lightly sprayed onto the face. As it contains Sandalwood, the benefits of the oil on the skin will keep it toned and looking radiant.

A useful product for diffusing. Place the Hydrosol into your diffuser and let it penetrate the air in your home or office. Because the sandalwood oil is diluted, it can be used for small children without causing any reactions - however, if in the unlikely case there is a reaction, stop the diffusing immediately.

Carry a bottle of Hydrosol in your bag for those occasions where you are looking to refresh your skin in time of dryness or when you feel a blush coming on!

Spray the Hydrosol in the car, to remove unwanted smells.

Application: 1-2 sprays to the face and neck as required

Hydrosols are very versatile products which are used in Aromatherapy around the world. Our special Sandalwood Hydrosol will not disappoint.

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